What do I as an Artist?  I try to capture the emotion of a moment and hope that it will stimulate a response in the minds of some viewers.

I realize that the art I produce interests only a segment of the art appreciating public.

Time doesn’t exist when I am painting…it just elapses.  It is emotionally draining, but I feel fulfilled once I recover my energy. While I paint I have music of some type playing at all times.

For the last 10 years I have been doing figurative expressionistic painting on 1/4” clear plexiglass (2’ x 3’) using a technique that I developed. I draw and paint with acrylic or oil on one side of the plexiglass.  I know that what I paint first on my side will be seen first on the other side.  The image seen through the 1/4” plexiglas has extra depth and luminosity.  It also seems to carry deeper emotions because I can’t see what I am producing unless I look in a mirror.  I would guess that there are only a few artists in the art world creating works in this way. 

In one work, I painted two figures in this reverse manner, and let the subjects be surrounded by clear plexiglass.  This piece can be hung in free space and viewed at eye-level from either side. Although the plexiglass is only painted on one side, the front and back views show different emotions on the faces in the painting.

Besides being a solid surface, plexiglass has other advantages.  I am able to look directly at the model without knowing what is appearing on the other side.  When it works, the emotions I sense in looking at the model come through in the painting.  I try to create something that transcends everyday life and enhances the experience of life.

The human face with its varying underlying emotions is one of the greatest challenges to an artist. They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul - I always start with the eyes.  Trying to capture human emotion is what my art is all about.

When I create a painting, some part of my psyche as it has experienced life, is reflected in the image.

I use color in any way that appeals to me at the moment of creation.

Finally, by being an artist in today’s chaotic world, I give my life an extra meaning.  I hope that my painting will resonate with some people and enhance their understanding of their life on this planet at this time.

Sid Rheuban
Aurora, Ohio